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Slay the winter season hair routine with SalonTech’s exquisite winter hair care line

Slay the winter season hair routine with SalonTech’s exquisite winter hair care line

The winter season, it’s an exciting time of the year where people mostly spend their days vacationing to enjoy the snowy weather outside and winter illuminations all over the city. It’s also that time again to take pleasure in recreational winter activities; such as snowboarding, ice hockey, skiing, ice skating, and sledding.

While the cold weather season brings forth various thrilling events; gatherings; shows; and activities, just like the summer season, it can also be challenging and harsh for us in some ways—to our skin and also to our hair.

Just like how our skin needs extra care and protection during the winter season, the same goes for our hair. It’s vital that the hair is sheltered from dry and cold winter air, thrashing winds and even our constant switch between heated indoors and the cold outdoors.

Due to harsh cold elements, the hair is more vulnerable to damages: dandruff, dry and flaky scalp, itchiness, dullness, breakage, static hair, and frizz. So how do you keep your locks in great shape despite the freezing weather outside? Here’s how:

Camellia Ultra Luxury Oil: For stronger skin and hair integrity

For your winter season hair routine, your best bet is applying hair oil everyday to replenish the moisture your hair needs more during this cold weather. This is why you also need a great product with the right nutrients to ensure your hair is healthy.

With SalonTech’s Camellia Ultra Luxury Oil, you only need few drops of this antioxidant-rich and lightweight oil to deliver moisture, nourishment and anti-aging benefits—not only to your hair, but also to your skin.

With 100 percent ultra luxury oil, it’s packed with Vitamins A, B, D and E; Omegas 3, 6, 7 and 9; minerals (zinc, calcium, iron, manganese, magnesium, and potassium); and 86 percent Oleic Acid—all binding together to ensure deep hydration for that smooth and supple hair all throughout the winter season.

Camellia is also best used for dry skin—as it helps calm and repair skin even those with eczema, psoriasis and rosacea; uneven skin tone; fine lines; wrinkles; and body.

You can also add Camellia to your shampoo, conditioner, face serum, foundation, body lotion, and hair color to help alleviate damage.

Progressive Keratin Shampoo: Gentle wash and extends hair treatment

During the cold months, it’s best not to wash your hair every day as over washing can strip off your hair of its natural moisture. For your new winter routine, try doing every other day; every two days or every three days of hair washing depending on your previous routine before winter; as well as the current moisture state of your hair.

For that gentle wash, go with SalonTech’s Progressive Keratin Shampoo. Not only does it wash away impurities gently, it also aids in prolonging your hair treatment with its formulation of hydrolyzed wheat protein and sunflower seed extracts.

You can also use the product as a dry shampoo between washes; and also to keep your hair fresh, fuller and bring back life to limp hair that’s been crushed by all-day wearing of hats or beanies.

Hair Confidence: Banish unwanted warm tones for colored hair

If you’re planning to get your hair colored, choose darker hues for winter as this will curb the need to bleach your hair—that is more damaging during the colder months for stripping your hair of its natural moisture. But if you already have colored hair, make sure it stays in good shape without the unwanted brassiness or warm tones by using SalonTech’s Hair Confidence – Brass Neutralizing.

With Hair Confidence, your colored hair is revitalized just like day one with its color-intensifying hair treatment formula that’s rich in polyphenol antioxidants. Instantly toning brassiness, your hair is transformed to look radiant and healthy.

While the product can be used for all hair types and color, it’s best used for blonde and silver hair, as well as straight, wavy and curly hair. Avoid the root area of the hair when applying on damp or dry hair.

Best to add supplements to your routine like using a dryer sheet; avoiding heat styling; drying the hair before going out; deep conditioning hair mask weekly; wrapping your hair in silk scarf (before putting on your favorite wool/cotton hat and scarf); staying hydrated; using a humidifier; getting regular trims; lowering water temperature during shower; and doing an oil treatment (coconut oil or castor oil).

The winter season can be tough, but with the right hair routine, your winter hair woes can be manageable.

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