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Guy Tang Introducing the SalonTech SpinStyle Pro Auto Curler

We all know the struggles of curling hair. Waiting for the curler to heat up, grabbing tiny sections of hair, trying not to burn it off (we’ve all seen that YouTube video of the girl burning her hair off…), only for your hard-earned locks to straighten up after 2 hours. Here is the secret to long-lasting, perfect curls in minutes: the SpinStyle™ Pro Auto Curler. Professional Hair Stylist and Youtuber with 2.1 million subscribers, Guy Tang, posted a tutorial on his youtube channel back in 2016 . In his video, he demonstrates how easy and quick it is to create beachy, natural curls. He shows different techniques with this tool to give 2 different looks:

1. Separating sections of the hair to create more “playful” or “Victoria Secret” curls. All he did was section out a small portion of hair to drop into the spinning curler to create beachy waves. He showed another technique to get similar natural, beachy waves by “letting the curler pick up hair”. What he means by this is to let the spinning “fingers” on the curler grabs hair as it is spinning by letting the curler slightly touch the hair. The curler slides the hair closer to the heated center of the curler, giving off natural “I woke up like this” curls.

2. Strategically placing the hair closer to the want to get “ringlet” style curls. This creates much stronger curls than the other two techniques but gives off a more elegant and put together look.

The SpinStyle™ Pro Auto Curler comes in 3 sizes (1.25″, 1″, and 0.75″) and has ceramic coating to protect hair from damage even at the temperature of 450°F. It’s instant heat-up time saves heating time during your glam-up session. Forgot to turn your curler off? That’s okay because it automatically shuts off after 90 minutes. I can’t remember how many times I drove back home because I had forgotten to turn my curler off. The best part is that it is tangle free. You would think if there are rotating “fingers” that grabs hair along the way, your hair would be a tangled mess… but nope! Tangle free. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t brush your hair before curling. Guy Tang highly recommends brushing your hair before styling for best results. If you want to get yourself one of these life-changing curling wands, click here.

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